Greetings, from the Peanuts Collector Club

If you're looking for the Peanuts FAQ, the many articles on Vince Guaraldi, the extensive interview with David Michaelis, the Peanuts Tattoo Page, the lists of links, Charles M. Schulz Museum exhibit information, lists of places to shop for Peanuts products or any of the many, many other articles, lists and collections of information that PCC members Derrick Bang and Scott McGuire have put together, then visit them at their new home, at www.FiveCentsPlease.org. You'll find all of their archived information, along with the same ongoing updates they've brought Peanuts fans for the past many years.

And now about the Peanuts Collector Club itself:

The Peanuts Collector Club is a worldwide club devoted to fans of the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz and its memorabilia.

The Club is now managed by president Kathy Magrane. Those wanting information about the Club or their gatherings, should visit the Peanuts Collector Club Facebook page.

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